Fashion Stylist (professional course: 1.800 hours)

Istituto di Moda BurgoHigh-quality Professional Stylist Fashion Courses offers Treviso Fashion School (Italy, near Venice). Fashion is a living and constantly evolving reality that requires a lot of skills, practice, awareness and a vast knowledge of the sector. The Stylist is the person who is responsible for the design of each collection, starting from the inspirational motifs, passing from the "Figurine" to the conclusion of the production process. In order to stylize an idea and transform it into a collection, it is essential to know the fabrics, the colouring techniques and the packagingGroup lessons, but individual character. Each teacher follows 5 - 8, maximum 10 students.

The "Fashion Stylist Course" includes the programs of the "Designer", "Pattern Making" and "Dressmaking" courses and is carried out according to the official program of the FASHION INSTITUTE BURGO - Milan.

The books used during the course are: "Il Modellismo" - Pattern making sewing and techniques for women, men and children, "Il Figurino"- The fashion drawing book for fashion designers. 

After having attended and passed the examination of the Fashion Stylist professional course you will receive the DIPLOMA of professional qualification of the Istituto Moda Burgo of Milan. The DIPLOMA is recognized by the Lombardy Region, by the field professionals in Italy and abroad.

See all the details of the Fashion Stylist Professional Course:

Fashion Stylist 
(professional course: 1.800 hours)

Program of study: Drawing Techniques • Base of Drawing • Measurements Study • Fashion Design History • Colours Theory • Fashion Rendering Techniques • Creativeness • Fibers and Yarns • Fabrics and Materials • Decoration • Fashion Styling • Fashion Design Sketch • Illustration • Collections-Portfolio • Fashion Design Portfolio • Method of Research • Sociology - Marketing • Fashion Accessories • Study of Allowance • Pattern Making - Haute Couture • Pattern Making Techniques • Pattern Layout • Tailor Sewing Technique • Planning Techniques • Techniques Schedule

Course type Entire course: 3 years   Intensive Course: 2 years

Total hours 1.800 hours   1.800 hours

Lesson duration 3 hours   3 hours

Course duration 3 years (30 months)   2 years (20 months)

Weekly attendancy 5 lessons   8 lessons

Registration fee* € 400   € 400

Monthly fee € 600 (x 30 months)   € 900 (x 20 months)

Course fee

€ 18.000

  € 18.000

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To send the registration request, select the desired course type (2 years / intensive 1 year), click on the "application form" button, fill in the form that will appear on the screen and wait for the reply from the school. Once we have accepted your request you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details and further instruction for the completion of the registration procedure.

To complete the enrollment procedure, Italian citizens must send a copy of the Identity Card and pay the registration fee by bank transfer.

For foreign students who need school documents for the visa, the entry fee will be € 800.

If you do not have Italian citizenship, before paying the registration fee, you will have to go to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country for information!!!

Registration for professional fashion courses for non-EU foreign students, or for those who still need a visa for Italy:
• Choose the Fashion Course to which you want to subscribe,
• Choose the duration of the professional courses: 1/2/3 years,
• When (month, year) you want to start your studies,
• Consult the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence and ask for the list of documents required to obtain a study visa in Italy for non-university professional courses (for a period of 1/2/3 years) at the 'Istituto di Moda Treviso Fashion School - authorized branch of the Milan Fashion Institute Burgo. Istituto di Moda Burgo with the inscription no. 811 of 12/19/2013 is entered in the register of accredited operators for training by the Lombardy Region, according to the Decree of the Regional Council n. 2412 of 26.10.2011 and executive decrees.
• We ask you to inform the Consulate well regarding the payments requested. You will need to know if you only have to pay the € 800 registration fee or even the course fee for a full year.

• Then you need to communicate which documents our school should send to you to obtain a visa.
Following the payment of the registration fee of € 800, or even a course fee for a full year, we will send you our invoice, enrollment certificate and all school documents to apply for a student visa ( non-university professional courses).).


The registration fee is not refundable.


Other details:

Where not specified, prices are inclusive of VAT.
Final exam fee with external commission for the issue of the Professional Qualification Diploma € 300.
* The registration fee also includes: curvilinear ruler, rectangular ruler for tailoring and the books of Fashion Institute Burgo "Il Modellismo" and "Il Figurino".

Lessons take place every day: from Monday to Friday, at the following times: 9:00 am - 12:00 am / 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.
2 lessons per day can also be taken (as provided for the intensive course).

Registration for the Fashion Stylist Professional Course at the Fashion Institute Treviso (Italy) can be made in any month of the year. The lessons have individual character!

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