The best fashion collections created and realized by our students during the Stylist and Fashion Designer courses.

The Gold of Venice

New Look of Tiffany

The Tiffany lamp is inspired by one of the most characteristic art nouveau objects. From its typically natural lines and colors, this apparently classic collection is born, but made captivating by fabrics that recall the natural origin of the perfection and by inserts such as chains, trimmings that create interesting decorative motifs. The study of colors that varies from warmer and darker tones explodes in the latest releases with a fresh and delicate floral fantasy enhancing the femininity of the woman who wears it. A pot-poumi of bijoux and footwear is to make the entire collection more uniform. "New Look of Tiffany" is dedicated to a self-confident and authoritarian young woman who does not hide her feminine and graceful side. 

Women's Lingerie


Rock me Cleopatra

In my collection I am talking about a strong, confident woman. Woman who knows what she wants, believes in herself, she feels young and sexy. She wants to be sees, wants to show off the curves of her body, her long legs. She feels like a rock’n roll goddess who knows to be strong, sophisticated and elegant at the same time. There is some kind of edge in every single look, and every single look has a strong statement.

One Thousand and One Nights

Make Space

Victorian Period