Short Fashion Courses in Italy

– for Stylist, Designer, Pattern Making, Dressmaking

What you will learn

Short fashion courses for Stylist, Designer, Pattern Making, Dressmaking, Cutting and Sewings are offered byTreviso Fashion School in any month of the year (except August). Course length: 90 and 45 hours. Programs of study are customized according to the needs of students. You learn only what we need and we are interested. At the end of the Short Fashion Courses is issued a Certificate of Attendance. Method, Programs and Patented Book of the Istituto Moda Burgo (Milan)  – the famous Italian fashion school. Teaching in English, Italian, Russian.

Durations and Fees

Stylist Course 90 hours 45 hours
Designer and Pattern Making 90 hours 45 hours
Designer Course 90 hours 45 hours
Pattern Making Course 90 hours 45 hours
Dressmaking Course 90 hours 45 hours
Cutting and Sewing 90 hours 45 hours
Total hours 90 45
Lesson duration 3 hours 3 hours
Course duration 3 weeks (15 working days) 8 working days
Duration 30 lessons 15 lessons
Weekly lessons 10 lessons 10 or 5 lessons
Entry fee 250 € 250 €
Course Fee 1000 € 500 €

Prices are comprehensive of VAT.

In the cost is comprised the didactic material from rules and books.

The Short Courses include a one or two lessons a day from Monday to Friday (Morning 9:00 – 12:00, Afternoon 13:00 – 16:00). Each lesson has a duration of 3 hours. At the end of Fashion Summer courses are awarded a Certificate of attendance. Classes are for beginners and Specialization. Level Base / Medium / Advanced. Teaching in English, Italian, Russian.

Teaching materials – “Il Figurino” the fashion drawing book for fashion designers and stylist, “Il Modellismo” pattern making sewing and techniques for dressmakers and pattern makers.

The enrollment at our school can be made in any month of the year because the courses are not in group but have an individual character.
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scuola di moda

Program of Study

  • Basic Figure Drawing
  • Colouring Technique
  • Color Theory
  • Colour rendering
  • Personal Sketching Style
  • Creativeness
  • Fashion Trends
  • Fashion Collection on Demand
  • Components of a Collection
  • Designing a Personal Collection
  • Alta Moda (Haute-Couture)
  • Tailor Sewing Techniques
  • Industrial Sewing Methods
  • Planning Techniques
  • Pattern Making with Method Burgo
  • Pattern Lay-Out
  • Finishing Touch
  • Machine Sewing