Cutting and Sewing 
Cutting and Sewing courses in Italy

What you will learn

The lessons are conducted on a individual basis, wich each student is privately instructed. We can offer a significant a complete experience in a short period of time. Prior to beginning the lesson, each student will decide wich prograsm is appropriate with the aid of their instructor. You can attend our Cutting and Sewing courses in any month, week of the year, except for the periods July 25 to September 7 and December 22 to January 7. At Treviso Fashion School registration open all year.
Lessons every day from Monday to Friday. Lecture timetable: Morning 9:00 to 12:00 and Afternoon 13:00. to 16:00. For the intensive course You can do 2 lessons per day.
Level: Base / Middle / Advanced. Method, Programs and Patented Book of the Istituto Moda Burgo (Milan)  – the Italian fashion school famous around the world.
Lessons every day from Monday to Friday. Class schedule: 9:00 AM -12: 00 AM, Afternoon 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can also make 2 lessons a day (as is planned for the intensive course).
At the end of Cutting and Sewing courses is issued a Certificate of Attendance.

Durations and Fees

Cutting Sewing 90 hours 45 hours
Total Hours 90 45
Lesson duration 3 hours 3 hours
Duration 3 weeks (15 working days) 8 working days
Duration 30 lessons 15 lessons
Weekly attendance to be defined to be defined
Registration 250 € 250 €
Course fee 1000 € 500 €

Cost of the Short Courses of 30 hours: Registration fee € 250, course fee € 330.

The Prices are comprehensive of VAT.
The registration fee includes the course didactic materials: rules and Book ‘Il Modellismo-Pattern Making Book‘ (value € 100) – The Fashion Book For Dressmakers.

The enrollment at our school can be made in any month of the year because the courses are in group but have an individual character
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scuola di moda

Programm of Study

  • Study of Measurements
  • Study of Allowance
  • Planning Techniques
  • Pattern Making Techniques with Method Burgo
  • Pattern lau out
  • Tailor sewing Techniques to make a shirt, skirt, dress or trousers

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